Casa Rural La Siesta C/ Ancha, 11 Alcornocal -Fuente Obejuna- Córdoba. Tel. 652 238 427

La Siesta Cottage
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La Siesta Cottage

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Nº de Registro Turístico: VTAR/CO/0028

Somethings about our history


The adventure began firing at the Siesta 2002 when four friends, now partners, fell in love with the region of Guadiato. Long before there was any talk of Rural Tourism and we shared experiences and hobbies jackets in homes and farms in Andalusia. We fell in love with the region's extreme kindness of its people, the cleanliness of the sky, the richness of scenery, comfortable rides that connect the many villages and, frankly, the geographical possibilities that establish routes free of gates and the pleasant company of more species of birds from which we can identify.

Thus, we have since tried to go on tiptoe in the Alcornocal, establishing a place, "La Siesta" to allow more people well know, enjoy and share our sweet dream.

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As the Coca-Cola, families, singles, married, elderly, youth, opponents, couples, friends, work groups, adventurers, ornithologists, astronomers, cyclists, to walkers, collectors, fishermen, hunters, a computer ...

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